How can I obtain the full 10 year warranty from AUDIO PHYSIC?

In addition to the legally prescribed warranty period, we also provide original owners of our products with an extended guarantee of 5 years for our loudspeakers (2 years for the electronics), starting on the date of purchase by the original owner. On top of this, we also provide original owners with a warranty of 10 years for AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers when they register their new loudspeakers with the respective AUDIO PHYSIC distributor after making their purchase by submitting the warranty certificate enclosed with their product and a copy of their proof of purchase. Once customers have done so, they will receive a written confirmation of their 10 year warranty specifying the respective dealer or national AUDIO PHYSIC distributor.

• The extended warranty is valid in the country in which the product was purchased and cannot be transferred.

• The extended warranty only applies to loudspeakers that, at the date of purchase, were part of the then-current Audio Physic product line.

All warranty services apply to proper use of our products. Damages, for example those caused by overloading the loudspeakers or improper use of cleaning agents, are expressly excluded from the warranty.

Who should I contact if worse comes to worst?

Our products adhere to the highest standards and undergo multiple inspections and checks before leaving our factory. We can, however, never fully eliminate the possibility of damage. In the case of a guarantee or warranty claim, please contact the AUDIO PHYSIC dealer from whom you purchased the product, a local AUDIO PHYSIC dealer or your national AUDIO PHYSIC distributor, being sure to provide detailed information. Please also ensure that you specify your loudspeaker model and serial number.

How can I get the best sound output with floors made of concrete, stone or wood?

Audio Physic loudspeakers come with spikes. In the case where the type of floor does not allow the loudspeaker to be positioned on spikes (where the floor may be damaged) we recommend that you use our DCF and VCF loudspeaker feet which have been specially designed for such purposes. These feet replace the spikes and due to their M 8 thread they can be easily screwed into place. Our VCF (Vibration Control Foot) loudspeaker foot is based on an ingenious SSC construction and therefore it is an excellent choice for our high-end and reference loudspeakers.

Which cable is the best for my Audio Physic loudspeaker?

For us at Audio Physic, cables serve as an instrument to fine tune and individualise a chain also depending on the associated electronic equipment, the rack system, the listening room and of course the individual taste. Above all, attention should be paid to providing a technically reliable and mechanically high-grade connection.

Our sales partners and distributors offer a wide variety of cables and brands, therefore we have come to use cables (low-frequency, loudspeaker and power cables) by renowned manufacturers when showcasing our products at trade fairs and shows as well as for research and development.

We feel that recommending a particular cable manufacturer may not lead to the desired result as the above mentioned parameters vary too widely.

Which amplifier is the perfect match for my Audio Physic loudspeaker?

All Audio Physic loudspeakers are optimised by measurement techniques as well as subjected to intensive tests and fine tuning in different listening rooms using different electronic equipment.

We have always aimed at designing, electronically speaking, an uncritical loudspeaker which is perfectly compatible with any conventional amplifier concepts (transistor, tube, hybrid).

This design approach enables our customers to easily connect their “favourite” amplifier to any Audio Physic product.

How tight should the drivers be mounted?

All cabinets of recent Audio Physic loudspeaker models are provided with special neoprene plugs for a proper and safe mounting of the driver systems. These neoprene plugs tighten when the screws are fitted thus enabling permanent elastic connection between the driver and the cabinet. Please note that it is not necessary to re-tighten the screws afterwards. Any manipulation of the fixing screws will impair the quality of sound reproduction of your loudspeaker since the newly designed driver suspension is based on an improved resonant behaviour. If a driver is mounted again after repair, we recommend that you only slightly tighten the fixing screws. Take care not to tighten the screws too much.

How long do I need to burn in my loudspeaker?

Every mechanical component needs a certain ‘break-in’ or ‘burn-in’ period. Our drivers are already burnt in using defined sound signals before they are mounted. According to our experience, loudspeakers require an operation time (at normal listening conditions) of two to four days in order to reach their full potential. Broad noise signals such as ‘pink noise’ or ‘white noise’ are also ideal for breaking in your loudspeakers because they accelerate the burn-in procedure. In order to protect your loudspeakers, please ensure that you avoid high volume levels when playing these signals. Loudspeaker levels at moderate room volume are perfectly sufficient for burning in your loudspeakers.

Side firing woofers – How far away from the side and rear walls should I place the loudspeakers?

When it comes to loudspeaker driver and cabinet design, we use highly sophisticated measurement technology as well as anechoic rooms whereas

the final adjustment of our loudspeakers is done in “normal” living rooms. Therefore the positioning of an Audio Physic loudspeaker can be easily achieved according to practical needs.

Some of the loudspeakers are provided with side-firing woofers in a push-push configuration to eliminate unwanted resonances. In combination with the correct crossover frequency between woofer and midrange, it is possible to set up the speaker relatively close to the wall. For more information please click here.

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