Dual Basket Design

AUDIO PHYSIC’S unique DUAL BASKET DESIGN is a true break-through innovation and the most important part of the HHCM-III technology. Conventional drivers only use one basket to which all moving parts as well as the motor system are mounted. The basket is also used to mount the driver to the cabinet so that unwanted vibrations can travel freely from the driver to the cabinet and vice versa, influencing and deteriorating the speakers performance.

To address this problem, AUDIO PHYSIC’s HHCM-III midrange driver uses a basket design that is split into two components. The inner basket is made from a high-tech material with excellent internal damping properties. Any micro-vibrations transferred from the moving diaphragm will thus be cancelled out immediately. Around the inner basket is a second basket that is being used to mount the chassis into the cabinet. The contact area between the inner and the outer basket has been reduced to a very small circular area and additional damping material between the two baskets reduces transfer of vibrations in either direction very effectively.


In a recent R&D effort AUDIO PHYSIC has developed a completely new DUAL BASKET DESIGN, first used in the new flagship model STRUCTURE. The design uses state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology to create a complex open structure that optimises rigidity, vibration control and internal airflow far beyond what would have been possible using conventional manufacturing methods.


DUAL BASKET DESIGN is part of the HYPER HOLOGRAPHIC CONE Midrange Technology