VCT – Vibration Control Terminal

Unwanted vibrations disturb the undistorted signal flow at every point of the transmission chain. High-quality and stable rack systems or special device feet often have an astonishing effect here. However, a propagation path for mechanical interference is usually not taken into account. The cables required for signal transmission not only transport electrical signals but also mechanical energy in the form of vibrations, which can be measured on the loudspeaker cabinet and traced back to the signal source.

Since AUDIO PHYSIC has declared war on vibrations and resonances in any form that are harmful to the sound, the VIBRATION CONTROL TERMINAL (VCT) was developed. The terminals of the VC terminal are mounted on a massive and elaborately damped aluminium construction, which is additionally effectively decoupled from the loudspeaker cabinet by an elastic neoprene seal.

The sonic improvements of the VCT technology are so astonishing that AUDIO PHYSIC has meanwhile introduced the concept for the current loudspeaker flagship STRUCTURE in the third evolutionary stage. In addition, the VCF CABLE SUPPORT is now available as a vibration-damped cable support, which again leads to amazing sound improvements in your own system.