High End Loudspeakers – Made in Germany

Music can put a smile on our faces, grab our attention and capture us in its web of expression when, and only when, all artists and all instruments hit the nail on the head, and all of the details come together to form a great composition. However, it can only be achieved when even the tiniest detail contributes to the overall piece. This makes excellent orchestras, groups, or individual artists stand out from the crowd.

The situation is similar when it comes to loudspeakers. Only when a loudspeaker’s elements work together precisely, right down to the finest detail, then music reproduction can also become an unparalleled experience. Music can get under your skin and give you goosebumps when this happens. We are aiming for this with every one of our Audio Physic loudspeakers.

It is therefore only logical that here at AUDIO PHYSIC, we have been developing loudspeakers for over 25 years in line with our motto: no loss of fine detail. After all, if you fail to appreciate, or even completely forget, the small and fine elements of a construction that are nonetheless so important for the overall product, you will lose the connection to the essential focus: the music.

Our loudspeakers are produced using a long and intensive process in which they are subjected to hundreds of listening tests, developed according to acoustic and aesthetic factors and continuously improved in terms of their details.

This high level of dedication is not only applied to our top models, but to all of our loudspeakers. This consistent development strategy leads to stable product cycles and a high level of value retention, both of which are properties that are rarely encountered in these fast-moving times.

Our German and international top ratings and awards are evidence of our high-quality approach, which has helped AUDIO PHYSIC to achieve an excellent reputation on an international scale. We are delighted that our loudspeakers attract a constantly growing fan community of music-loving friends all over the world.

There is, however, one thing that our abundance of awards will never represent: a reason to rest on our laurels. In fact, our development team views them as an incentive to continue to increasingly push the boundaries in the construction of loudspeakers.

You can only achieve such objectives if you have the courage to break new technological ground. For AUDIO PHYSIC, this courage is no empty promise, but has instead formed the focus of our work for over 25 years. After all, there is one thing that our products never were, never are and will never be: mainstream.

Only with this approach are we able to achieve milestones in the field of loudspeaker construction, for example exceptional drivers like the MEDEA with its bending-wave drivers or the KRONOS with its intricate coaxial drivers. These loudspeakers caused an international sensation and were met with the highest approval. These models used to be the leading products in the AUDIO PHYSIC collection of loudspeakers, an honour which has now been bestowed on the CARDEAS. With its HHC-II drivers and many other examples of technical finesse, the CARDEAS is currently the pinnacle of technology, combining all of our experience, knowledge and ability to achieve one objective: no loss of fine detail.

All of our loudspeaker models benefit from our experience and can confidently hold their own against any competitors in their respective price classes. In fact, tests prove that AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers often “set the tone”.

Our success definitely also comes down to the fact that we view loudspeakers as ‘a whole’. After all, just like in a symphony orchestra, the perfect interaction of all individual elements is the essential factor. This is why the AUDIO PHYSIC developers pay great attention to even the most minor details in their search for flawless sound reproduction. They examine and analyse every technical element and check whether it can be optimised. The result of these efforts often remains invisible to loudspeaker users, but they can certainly hear it. The drivers that are mechanically decoupled from the cabinet or the buffered crossovers and terminals, for example, guarantee an even more accurate sound reproduction with even better attention to detail.

One element that is immediately evident when you look at an AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeaker is its exemplary workmanship and high-quality finish, which has already become a proverbial characteristic of our products. This level of quality has formed the core of our work and objectives ever since our company was first established. Loudspeakers are ‘a whole’ and our AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers harmoniously integrate into their corresponding living environment, just like a high-quality piece of furniture. In line with this, you are able to choose between several different fine finishes in each of our models.

Nevertheless, this is not where the production journey comes to an end. An AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeaker only leaves our factory once it has undergone careful testing involving using both measurement techniques and acoustic examinations. We document these tests for every single loudspeaker because we vouch for quality with our name.

Our high-quality standards also mean that you can only purchase our loudspeakers from top-quality specialist dealers, where competent advice and exclusive service are a matter of course.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons as to why you should choose AUDIO PHYSIC. An AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeaker gives you ‘more’ and will put a smile on your face for many years to come, always in line with our motto: “no loss of fine detail”.