Audio Physic Medeos


Our most exclusive loudspeaker in our history

At the HIGHEND 2022 in Munich, our most exclusive loudspeaker Medeos celebrated its world premiere. 

Alan Parsons, brand ambassador of the HIGHEND, also did not miss a listening session.

Medeos marks a milestone in our history. The 5-way loudspeaker combines technical innovations and concepts shown for the first time to create a unique sound experience. Its total of thirty drivers enables spectacular and unprecedented music performance. At the heart of Medeos is the exceptional and patent-pending midrange driver. Thus, the speakers mark the pinnacle of what is currently technically possible.

Innovation is a vital part of our DNA. Since the founding of Audio Physic, our goal has been to break down barriers to make music sound perfect. In doing so, we examine every detail. From the electrical components to the design of the cones and the use of new materials for loudspeaker construction. Medeos is the current apex of this development.

Medeos is limited to ten pairs globally and is only available on request. Audio Physic manufactures the finish individually according to customer wishes. 


  • All drivers operate without conventional centering and have been either wholly a new development or an advancement of existing work
  • Patent-pending innovation for the essential midrange components
  • Eight 280 mm (11″) woofers in push-push arrangement. Four of them inductive,this unique technology allows a broad level adjustment in the low-frequency range
  • Exclusive to Audio Physic newly developed capacitors with further refined copper foam contacts and Van den Hul connecting wires
  • Outer cabinet material multiplex honeycomb sandwich for maximum stability and internal damping, with open-pored copper foam in the midrange/tweeter cabinet
  • Internal construction is a unique honeycomb composite
  • Enclosure dimensions: 175 cm x 32 cm x 55 cm (HxWxD)
  • Required Space: 180 cm x 62 cm x 80 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 175 kg.
  • Frequency response: 23 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm 
  • 5-Way Design: 4 x 280mm + 4 x 280mm inductive woofer to 100Hz, 4 x 180mm low-mid to 300Hz, 1 x 150mm midrange to 2000Hz, 1 x mid-high to 5000Hz, 1 x tweeter HHCT 3+.