Sandwich Cabinet Construction

When designing a loudspeaker, special attention should be payed to keeping the cabinet as quiet as possible. In a poorly designed speaker, the cabinet is prone to turn into an uncontrolled sound transducer itself from vibrations induced by the drivers mounted to it and the air circulating inside of it, thus having a negative impact on overall sound performance. Also, it might transfer vibration from outside sources to the drivers and other parts of the speaker, again harming sound quality.

Besides traditional ways of addressing this issue like choosing MDF or other appropriate materials for the cabinet and using strong internal bracing structures, we have found another way to stop the cabinet from developing an acoustical life of its own: Our unique Sandwich Cabinet Construction.

Our Sandwich Cabinets consist of a strong internal core to which the outsides panels are glued by means of a specific elastic damping material which absorbs all cabinet vibrations, internal or external. Contrary to popular (and, frankly, wrong) prejudices, the positive effect of the Sandwich Cabinet Construction becomes especially evident in speakers with our stylish glass finishes as the relatively heavy glass panels provide excellent dampening for the internal core.

An additional advantage of the Sandwich Cabinet Construction is that it allows us avoid installing ugly bass reflex ports as we can use the gaps between the different materials as reflex channels instead.