The NEW Audio Physic Speaker Stand SHERPA VI   

We have implemented successful technologies of our speakers and VCF (Vibration-Control-Feet) developments and designed a completely new speaker stand. The new Sherpa VI not only offers a secure stand, but it also lets bookshelf speakers shine in a new light, both in terms of sound and space.

For the base plate, we use our proven MDF-GLAS sandwich
construction. The MDF base is firmly glued to the glass plate and
forms the stable foundation of our new speaker stand. The base
plate has an invisible cable conduit for up to 2cm thick speaker

The glass composite consists of stable 6mm thick glass plates and our high-tech honeycomb boards, which are used in many Audio
Physic loudspeakers for inner bracing. This practically eliminates any self-sounding. The invisible cable conduit allows the cables to
disappear attractively.

The loudspeaker plate of firm MDF, with its dimensions (15cm / 5,9” wide, 20cm / 7,9” deep), offers enough space for all bookshelf

The SHERPA VI is a beautiful loudspeaker stand, which provides a
fantastic place for all standard bookshelf loudspeakers and
significantly improves the sound of your loudspeakers. Audio Physic Classic 3 and STEP 35 will be a perfect match for  the new SHERPA VI.


•    Stable base plate made of MDF-glass composite

•    2cm cable conduit for invisible cable routing

•    High-tech honeycomb construction for the glass column
•    Supports all standard bookshelf loudspeakers

•    Sound improvement through technical innovations

•    Quick and easy to mount (4 screws)



•    Height 56,5 cm / 22,2”

•    Base plate 25,5  / 10” x 30 cm / 11,8” (WxD)

•    Column 52.5 cm / 20,7” x 4 cm / 1,6” x 13.5 cm / 5,3” (HxWxD)
•    Plate 15 cm / 5,9” x 20 cm / 7,9” (WxD)

•    Weight approx. 7 kg/pair.

•    Max. Load capacity 15 kg/piece