HHCT-III – Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter 3rd Generation

When designing a loudspeaker the biggest enemy of good sound – is sound. Unwanted sound, that is. Sound that is the result of uncontrolled vibrations of the cabinet, the drivers or other parts of the loudspeaker. Although each of these problems might be tiny in itself, they all add up and have a negative effect on the sound that you do want, the pure sound of the music. This is especially true when uncontrolled vibrations are allowed to act on the drivers themselves because there they can harm the sound at the very source.

It has therefore always been a design principle for AUDIO PHYSIC to minimise internal vibration and resonance in their speakers at all costs. This is why many of our unique technologies focus on the control and elimination of vibrations in various areas.

Our HYPER HOLOGRAPHIC CONE technology is the epitome of this philosophy as it fights unwanted vibration at the very source of sound in a speaker, the driver. Currently, this technology exists in its third generation already: as HHCM-III for midrange drivers and as HHCT-III for tweeters.

The most important property of the HHCT-III Tweeter is, in a sense, that it doesn’t have any characteristic properties. At least when it comes to sound. The HHCT-III Tweeter produces a clear and absolutely neutral sound without any colouration across its entire working range which extends well above the threshold of human hearing. This results in an exemplarily homogenous sound dispersion pattern and extremely low distortion levels. What you hear is not the tweeter but only the pure sound of the recorded music.