VCT – Vibration Control Terminal


Unwanted vibrations have negative effects on sound quality wherever they occur in the signal path. This has long been understood and many audiophiles therefore use special Hi-Fi racks and/or feet for their equipment. But one area has long been overlooked in this: speaker and signal cables not only carry electrical currents, they are also prone to introduce mechanical energy in the form of vibrations into the system. For example, AUDIO PHYSIC found that it is possible to measure stray vibrations of the speaker cabinet that can be traced back right to the signal’s source.

Because AUDIO PHYSIC has made it their mission to fight unwanted vibration and resonance whenever and wherever they occur, the VIBRATION CONTROL TERMINAL (VCT) has been devised. The VCT consists of heavily dampened aluminium structure onto which the cable connectors are mounted. A neoprene sealing between the speaker’s cabinet and the VCT adds another layer of decoupling, effectively isolating the speaker from any vibration carried by the cable.

The improvements in sound performance achieved by this approach are so significant that the technology has been constantly refined over the years and has recently seen the birth of its third generation with the introduction of the new flagship speaker STRUCTURE. Realising how big an impact on sound quality vibrations carried by the cable can have, AUDIO PHYSIC has also developed the VCF CABLE SUPPORT that eliminates vibration already in the cable itself, with truly astonishing effects on the system’s overall performance.