Aluminium Phase Plug



Many midrange drivers used in AUDIO PHYSIC speakers use an Aluminium Phase Plug mounted directly onto the magnet motor. This elaborate design has several advantages over conventional drivers.

Most importantly, the Aluminium Phase Plug helps with heat management of the magnet motor. When listening to music for extended periods and/or at high volume levels magnet motors in loudspeaker drivers can get very hot. This change in temperature also leads to changes in the electrical and magnetic properties of the system and, consequently, to audible distortions.

The AUDIO PHYSIC midrange drivers with Aluminium Phase Plug have a gap between the diaphragm and the Phase Plug which allows for a more efficient ventilation of the driver’s inside. Additionally, the Phase Plug itself acts as a heat sink, dissipating heat away from the motor system and into to cooler outside air.

The shape of the Aluminium Phase Plug has been carefully designed to optimise sound dispersion of the diaphragm.

All in all, AUDIO PHYSIC midrange drivers with Aluminium Phase Plug exhibit virtually now compression artefacts and extremely low levels of distortion across their usable frequency range. This is especially important as the human ear is very susceptible in this range because this is where most of the human voice happens.