How can I obtain the full 10 year warranty from AUDIO PHYSIC?

In addition to the legally prescribed warranty period, we also provide original owners of our products with an extended guarantee of 5 years for our loudspeakers (2 years for the electronics), starting on the date of purchase by the original owner.

On top of this, we also provide original owners with a warranty of 10 years for AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers when they register their new loudspeakers with the respective AUDIO PHYSIC distributor directly after making their purchase by submitting the warranty certificate enclosed with their product and a copy of their proof of purchase. Once customers have done so, they will receive a written confirmation of their 10 year warranty specifying the respective dealer or national AUDIO PHYSIC distributor. After registration please send us your copy of your proof of purchase including the serial number via mail to info@audiophysic.com .

• The extended warranty is valid in the country in which the product was purchased and cannot be transferred.

• The extended warranty only applies to loudspeakers that, at the date of purchase, were part of the then-current Audio Physic product line.

All warranty services apply to proper use of our products. Damages, for example those caused by overloading the loudspeakers or improper use of cleaning agents, are expressly excluded from the warranty.

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