Review MIDEX in stereoplay 12/2018



Review MIDEX in stereoplay 12/2018


German Hi-Fi magazine stereoplay has tested the MIDEX in their latest issue. Here's an excerpt of what the reviewer had to say:


"The legendary version of "Guantanamera" by the Weavers recorded at the Carnegie Hall in New York, carved out the speaker's second major strength. This live recording is very well- known for its convincing spatiality and stands out particu-larly because of its depth of image both towards the stage as well as backwards to the audience. The Midex even managed to significantly upsize the scene. It was fascinating to hear how the speaker deepened the room without discerping the soundstage. Moreover, this final sonic statement substantiated its ambitions for the high-end league. One more thing: It certainly does no harm to bring along some experience to really master the Midex. Apart from that, this one is world class!"

Klaus Laumann ■


Download and read the full review here (translated)