Classic On-Wall

Slim, stylish and powerful sound

When looking for unobtrusive ways to integrate high-quality hi-fi sound into contemporary living environments, on-wall speakers are often the best choice. But only if those speakers meet the highest standards in performance as well as in appearance. Like our Classic On-Wall  which benefits from all the technical subtleties of our Classic range to deliver a precise, rich and luscious sound while also pleasing the eye with its luxuriously glossy glass finishes. Combined with a flat screen TV of any size, it’s the perfect solution for the modern home.

Like all Audio Physic speakers, the Classic On-Wall  is based on more than 30 years of experience and has been designed without any compromise. The drivers are the same we use in our Classic Compact  – a powerful midwoofer with a woven glass fibre cone and our unique Dual Basket technology, and a silk dome tweeter which sits in a small wave guide tailored to optimise sound dispersion around the crossover between mids and treble for a wide, balanced and precise spatial imaging.

The Classic On-Wall  also has inherited the sturdy glass-sandwich construction of its cabinet from its larger siblings. This technology too is proprietary to Audio Physic and allows us to build a cabinet that is virtually immune against internal resonances. Most other critical design aspects of our Classic range can also be found in the Classic On-Wall , like the clever cross-over network and the high-end nextgen® terminals by WBT.

All these proven technologies have been re-engineered and re-combined to create the Classic On-Wall  as a very slim and unobtrusive speaker that sounds a lot bigger than it actually is. Integrated wall brackets at the back allow for easy vertical or horizontal mounting and provide a defined distance between speaker and wall that has been chosen for an optimum in bass performance.

When using the Classic On-Wall  in very large rooms, or together with any other speakers from our Classic range as part of a multichannel system, our dedicated subwoofer Luna can provide additional bass support.

We designed the Classic On-Wall  to deliver uncompromising Audio Physic sound quality where more conventional speaker setups are not possible. We think we succeeded but don’t take our word for it. Ask a specialist Audio Physic retailer near you for a demonstration and listen for yourself!

830 mm / 32.7"
170 mm / 6.7"
90 mm / 3.5"
9,5 kg
Recommended amplifier power
20-100 W
8 Ohm
Frequency range
50 Hz - 30 kHz
86 dB
8/9" Soft Dome
5.9" Glass Fibre Cone
Glass Grill Black or White
Please note: Real Glass or finishes might be different from paper printed catalogues and website pictures. Products partially shown with optional accessories. Models and finishes availability may vary by country.
2-Way Design

The 2-way speaker features two different drivers that share reproduction of the entire frequency range – one mid-woofer (in the case of center speakers, often two of them) and a tweeter. Usually the crossover frequency is set between 2,000Hz and 3,000Hz.

VCT – Vibration Control Terminal

Unwanted vibrations have negative effects on sound quality wherever they occur in the signal path. Because AUDIO PHYSIC has made it their mission to fight unwanted vibration and resonance whenever and wherever they occur, the fully decoupled VIBRATION CONTROL TERMINAL (VCT) has been devised.