Classic 32

Classic 32, with this successor to our legendary CLASSIC 30 we once again pushed the boundaries of the CLASSIC Line concept.

To explore the limits of the established design princicples has always been the challenge for the top model of the CLASSIC range. And with the CLASSIC 32 and CLASSIC 35 ( Glass Version) we have once again re-defined those limits and created a loudspeaker that effortlessly masters the entire repertoire of muscal styles, tastes and moods – and does so with astonishing confidence and ease.

The CLASSIC 32’s elaborate cabinet is made from solid MDF with real wood veneer and features numerous internal bracing structures, resulting in a very rigid enclosure. Tweeter and midrange driver share most of the available volume of air inside the cabinet, in which an additional woofer with its own sealed-off volume is hidden, completely invisible from the outside.

All drivers represent the current state-of-the-art for our CLASSIC Line. The midrange driver sports the unique AUDIO PHYSIC Dual Basket Design, a woven glass-fibre diaphragm and a Phase Plug mounted directly onto the magnet motor to help with heat management inside the driver. The attention to detail that went into this driver is especially important as as the human ear is very susceptible in the frequency range covered by it because this is where most of the human voice happens. The clarity and naturalness of this drive unit’s sound are unrivalled in this price range.

The magnetic motor of the Classic 32’s tweeter is elaborately ventilated as well, so that the soft dome made by a German specialist company always finds ideal operating conditions even under heavy load. Thanks to the powerful motor and the low self-resonance, the tweeter achieves exemplary signal integrity far beyond the audible range. A small horn-shaped sound guide surrounds the actual dome and ensures a seamless transition between mid and high frequencies. So even outside of the so-called sweet spot you will be able to enjoy a relaxed musical experience.

Although the Classic Line is AUDIO PHYSIC’s entry level range we build these speakers with the same attention to detail that we apply with our REFERENCE Line models. For example, the Classic 32’s drivers are not screwed directly to the cabinet but instead are mounted using neoprene dowels to avoid transmission of micro-vibrations from the driver to the cabinet and vice versa. Also, the robust aluminium terminal at the back is equipped with advanced pole clamps from WBT’s excellent line of nextgen™ products. Extensive listening tests have shown that these terminal posts made by the industry-leading German company are vastly superior sonically to competing products.

We go to great lengths to make sure that all our speakers provide an authentic, natural and relaxed listening experience – what you hear is not the speaker but just pure music, and the Classic 32 is no exception.If you prefer the glass version you are right with the Classic 35, same model, different style.

1145 mm / 45"
202 mm / 7,9"
340 mm / 13,4"
Required Space Width x Depth
~ 31 kg
Recommended amplifier power
20-160 W
4 Ohm
Frequency range
32 Hz - 30 kHz
89 dB
8/9" Soft Dome
5.9" Glass Fibre Cone
2 x 6.7" Glass Fibre Cone
Glass Grill Black, Spike Set
3-Way Design

The 3-way speaker features three different drivers that share reproduction of the entire frequency range. One or more woofers, a midrange driver and a tweeter. Usually the crossover frequency between low and mid frequencies is set between 150Hz and 300Hz, and between 2,000Hz and 3,000Hz for the transition from the midrange to the tweeter.

Ceramic Foam Bracing

Ceramic Foam is a high-tech material used for internal bracing in many of our speakers. It is much stiffer than MDF although it consists of 85% air. This means, the room taken up by the internal bracing is also part of the effective volume of air the drivers need to work. By using Ceramic Foam, we can build loudspeakers that match and out-perform much bulkier speakers.


Dual Basket Design

AUDIO PHYSIC’S unique DUAL BASKET DESIGN is a true break-through innovation and the most important part of the HHCM-III technology. Instead of the tradition single basket, our HHCM-III features two separate baskets to prevent and subdue unwanted vibrations already at the source.



VCF – Vibration Control Feet optional

The best feet for our – and other – speakers. VCF provide a substantial improvement of sound performance by reducing transfer of unwanted vibrations while at the same time protecting delicate surfaces. Also available as VCF Component for Hi-Fi separates and as VCF Cable Supports.

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