September 16, 2020

CLASSIC 25 REVIEW LowBeats July 2019

CLASSIC 25 REVIEW LowBeats July 2019

CLASSIC 25 Review LowBeats 2019


This floorstanding speaker doesn’t look like technology at
all and yet is jam-packed with acoustic detail solutions that
most often are not to be found with competitors at even
three times the price. But this is not about quantity, it’s
about the noble art of purity in sound. And this loudspeaker
masters this task like hardly any other competitor in its
price range.
The Audio Physic Classic 25 is an impressive example of
high-end not being meant to be expensive and big-sized,
but sounding superiorly fine and right. What an unagitated,
decent and yet impressive performance – and a big recommendation as well!


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