October 22, 2019


Audio Physic Sets Course For The Future

As of 9th October, Claudia Sommer has joined us as a new shareholder. The Digital Expert has acquired a substantial stake in the company and will actively participate in the development and implementation of the corporate strategy.

Managing Director Wolfgang Lücke sees the commitment of Claudia Sommer as an essential step for the future of Audio Physic: “Claudia brings enormous expertise in digitization and a large network, which helps us particularly in the maintenance of the relationships to customers and partners, as well as in marketing. This is of great value for independent manufacture like us.”

For Claudia Sommer, her investment is the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream: “I’m delighted that I can finally share my lifelong passion for good music with my entrepreneurial activity. For me, Audio Physic is one of the best loudspeaker manufacturers in the world, and I am a very lucky owner of a Codex. What the team around Head of Development Manfred Diestertich and Managing Wolfgang Lücke has created in recent years is outstanding in terms of sound, design and technology. In times of digital streaming offers and low-cost loudspeakers, many challenges await us, but we are currently feeling that worldwide, more and more people are looking for better quality. Together we want to offer them the unique natural sonic character of Audio Physic.”


About Claudia Sommer

Claudia Sommer worked for Greenpeace for many years and was responsible for their digital transformation. Before this, she had been in various positions in the digital industry. As a consultant, she has advised companies in the following sectors: Consumer goods, publishers, and advertising agencies.