October 30, 2018

CLASSIC 5 Review NEW hifipig.com

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Audio Physic Classic 5 Floorstanding Speakers



As you will have gathered I rather liked the Classic 5’s. I would say they are a scaled down version of the more expensive models in Audio Physic’s range, offering a taste of the high end for those on a tight budget. My Avanti iii’s are noticeably better, but so they should be, being six times costlier. The Avanti’s have a lot more weight and authority and even better depth and imaging capabilities which you would expect. Think of the Classic 5’s like crème fraiche light and the Avanti’s as the full fat version, both delicious, but the full fat version has that touch/taste of luxury about it.



Build Quality: Excellent build as you would expect and a solid design.

Sound Quality: Clear and spacious sound stage that has great depth and imaging with tight bass, a clear mid band and sweet highs.

Value for Money: Excellent value, very well presented being slim and neat to look at.

Pros: Great sound overall and very easy to listen to, being room friendly and easy to set up.

Cons: Nothing really unless you demand more bass which I thought was fine for their size. Being double boxed made carrying them in and unpacking awkward compared to single boxes.

Price: £1598

Ian Ringstead