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Over the years, the TEMPO has turned into a classic in its own right, achieving international acclaim among the more affordable high-end loudspeakers. At the same time, it has become the very embodiment of all the great sound virtues that Audio Physic stands for. And that was all the reason we needed to further improve this loudspeaker to celebrate Audio Physic’s 25th anniversary. The result, a limited special edition named TEMPO 25, is loaded with a HHCM midrange driver and a HHCT II tweeter, both at the pinnacle of driver technology. It is the first time that a loudspeaker in this price range is equipped with these drivers, borrowed from the CARDEAS flagship, featuring an elegant sleek cabinet and capable of delivering a pure, powerful and precise sound in small and large rooms.










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Technical data

Height 1000 mm / 39.4"
Width 187 mm / 7.4"
Depth 320 mm / 12.6"
Required Space Width x Depth 290x430 mm / 11.4x16.9"
Weight 20 kg
Recommended amplifier power   20-150 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 32 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB
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Tempo 25 Best Value Of The Year 2014

Tempo 25
Best Value Of The Year 2014
Prime AV Taiwan

Tempo 25 Outstanding Excellence Popularity Awards 2013

Tempo 25
Outstanding Excellence
Popularity Awards 2013
Super AV Award



russian review
PDF 3.4 MB
Tempo 25

A Secret Star
Review english
hifi & records 04/2010
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Alles Gute | Happy Birthday!
Review german/english
Stereo 01/2010
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TEMPO 25 Review from April 2011 issue of the Audio magazine in Korea   PDF 1 MB

TEMPO 25 Review
from May 2011 issue
of the Haute Fidélité
magazine in France
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Translation of conclusion part: To summarize the above points, Tempo 25, with the sound which was quite different from the style seen outside, was very close and similar to its higher brother, Virgo. Impressively, the sound was not pouring forward, but the deep soundstage was well positioned behind the speakers. It was felt that Tempo 25, just as if to prove it is the 25th Anniversary product, thoroughly reflects the Audio Physic's traditional sound philosophy which is based on and emphasizes the stability and musicality of sound. Unlike its slim appearance, Tempo 25 is a good product with excellent bass reproduction without any shortage and depth in the sound. As a conclusion, thanks to its slim standing style which can adapt to even un-spacious listening room environments, Tempo has all-round advantages in sound as well as in design.


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Tempo 25

Tempo 25 LSGE


Technical data

Features and Specs



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